Minecraft PE 1.4

Minecraft PE 1.4
Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE 1.4 presents to your attention a major Bedrock Edition update. It had been released on May 16, 2018 with a name “Phase One”. It is the Update Aquatic and it contains a lot of new ocean focused content. There are shipwrecks, new kind and places of treasures, some new fish and even dolphins. Beside water modification there are also land additions, which are turtles, phantoms and a new status effect consisting in Slow Falling.

There are several additions in Blocks unit – new tripped wood, coral blocks, new variants of trapdoors, plates and doors, based on separate kinds of wood .

The update has an individual underwater ruins and caves. Also there are some new achievements which you can get yourself while playing this adds.

Updated July 08, 2018
Creator Mojang

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